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  • 10% Savings on Administration Costs

    Any business that adopts Mobile solutions saves significantly in Administration costs.
  • Get 14% monthly increase in sales

    Managers get increased deals per sales representative by adopting Mobility.
  • 38 % of CIOs invest in mobile technology

    Companies have improved workforce productivity as the main driver for investment.
  • 23% improvement in Customer Loyalty

    Companies that adopt Mobile Solutions have more Satisfied Customers.
  • 37% Reduction in Operations Cost

    Logistics companies that adopt Mobile solutions make significant benefit in costs of Operations.
  • 54% of organizations are already using cloud based Solutions.

    Global industry leading companies are benefiting from Mobility
Our Solutions help industries address specific challenges and make the process of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Monetization, easy.
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  • Technology

    We are experts in Field force Automation solutions. Our domain expertise coupled with engineering passion to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to enterprise Business and Operational problems has helped us achieve industry dominance in a short span of time. We adopt a consultative approach helping our clients in their journey of Business transformation through a series of continuous improvements backed by robust technology solutions that are simple inarchitecture and flexible in configuration.

    Our methodology is simplistic and minimalistic, keeping in mind the diversity and competenciesof end business users. The entire approach is to create minimum viable solutions that address the relevant and most critical issues of the clients who then take informed decisions to prioritise their requirements.

    Close and continuous engagement with cross industry clients has enabled us to build products that address the actual industry needsthat they represent. Our standard, yet customisable product offerings enable enterprises speedy integration with their core systems resulting in quick results with shortemployee learning curve and minimal over heads.

  • Platform

    Our Platform combines common solution workflows with a comprehensive mobility architecture, delivering system capabilities that result in an enterprise mobile software framework and offers a balance between solutions and technology.

    At the core of this field mobility system is a robust mobile architecture, which manages infrastructure processes such as data synchronization, application deployment, and device profile management. The architecture also includes a configuration environment with code-free development options.

    An open framework provides compatibility with peripheral mobile and wireless technologies, including barcode scanning, GPS/GIS, electronic signatures, and RFID.


    The two most Impactful drivers for a business to adopt Mobile Force Products and Technology can be categorized as either Cost-Saving or Revenue-Enhancing. Both these critical factors in a Business are deeply impacted and all related matrices show improvements therein. Whether the priority is to Cut Costs OR to Enhance Profitability, businesses can adopt Mobility and reap the benefits.

    These benefits of Mobility can be adopted in process that are Business to Employee (B2E) and Business to Consumer (B2C) with equal ease. The impact areas for B2E processes come due to Greater Employee Productivity, Streamlining of Internal Processes, seamless Communication between employees and Reduced Cost of serving a Customer.

    Implementing B2E mobility also ensures that the work Information is Secure within the organization. Customer Service and Support where call center agents or field technicians are required to more quickly and accurately to handle customer inquiries on the first call or visit become increasingly possible due to Mobility thus saving money and enhancing reputation.



  • Who We Are

    We are a cloud based enterprise mobility platform and solutions company . At the core we are a 'customer centric services organization' that is passionate about innovating,

  • What We Do

    We are experts in 'Field mobility' products that are available On-Demand. Our Products and services help enterprises, irrespective of scale and geography, unleash full

  • Benefits We Deliver

    Supports any Device, Platform and Network, Cloud based so no special hardware required, Works offline too.