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Most organizations have enhanced their front end sales operations with digital solutions. However, for most organisations , the critical aspect of managing working capital and debt such as collection of over-dues from customers also known as delinquent or charged off customers is still primitive and has not evolved . It is time warped, people dependent and works on legacy systems that are not just complex, user unfriendly but also time consuming. In the field, the information flow to and from the collection agents takes up enormous time and scope for delays, errors on account of manual data entry thereby resulting in frequent reporting errors. Equipping field agents with appropriate technology and integrating the data real time with enterprise core systems can help achieve significant performance improvement, reduced revenue pilferage, early fraud detection and critical business information to help managers carry out intra day course correction or during the month.

mCollections is an mobile based payment collection solution that automates collection processes and integrates it with the back end operations. It takes care of the collections process right from managing account allocation and scheduling to instant updation of a field transaction like payment collected, broken promise or any other action. It is a highly effective application that improves collections of over dues thereby reducing bad debts in the system,betters working capital position of an enterprise,increases revenues, reduces operational costs and ensures compliance with the prescribed credit policy. However most importantly, in certain sensitive sectors like banking and telecom, it allows an enterprise to hedge against any brand risk that might be subjected to on account of negative media publicity and adverse judiciary stricture in case of non-adherence to regulatory guidelines or an arbitrary action by an unruly field collector.

Field Agent Features

  • Daily allocation of cases for collection executives
  • Integrated calendar with address, time for pickup
  • Instant update of collection status with payment details like amount, cash/cheque
  • Capture customer Signature
  • Printing of Receipt
  • Photo capture of receipt/ bill number
  • Customer signature capture
  • Reallocation interface for delivery reps
  • Send instant alert/communications on field reps device
  • Auto synchronization of daily allocation list using web services from your existing system
  • Offline work support for mobile devices in case of network unavailability

Features for Management

  • Case load planning and scheduling
  • Route planning
  • Authentication of transactions
  • Verification of money collected and deposited
  • Location Mapping
  • Daily Monitoring panel of collection executives
  • Productivity Report
  • Reduce TAT for customers as well as organizations

  • Real Time tracking of field agents

  • Instant backend support

  • Management of field staff

  • Cut costs and time of manual processing

  • Reduced manpower and fuel costs

  • Verification of money collected and deposited

  • Prevention of fraud

  • Manage metro, cities & remote locations under one unified system

  • Facilitating two way communication of the managers and field staff

  • Print Receipt to the customer

  • Reduces carbon footprint

  • mSales
  • mDistribution
  • mDelivery
  • mVerification
  • mAudit
  • mMarketing
  • mSupport

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