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Marketing is the soul of any business. It not only decides the way a customer is acquired, which product is sold, when, at what price and through which channel but also fashions the way (s)he is nurtured throughout the lifetime. Innovative and targeted campaigns are devised to cross-sell products from the suite of product offerings and efforts are made to lend a customised, personalised and consistent experience to every single customer across various touch points. In order to perfectly execute such diverse set of activities, consistently at a scale, requires most sophisticated CRMs and ERP solutions. However, all these efforts and monetary investments are futile if your first point of contact, the sales representative, is not equipped with relevant technology that supplies him with necessary ammunition while interacting with customers. In this dynamic, cut throat, digital market place, providing access to rich media marketing and sales kits such as product collaterals, campaign type and features, customer history and competitor analysis at the time when they are needed the most is no longer a luxury but a necessary ingredient in the overall business recipe. Mobile automation in the field of marketing has revolutionised the way contemporary marketing is carried out.

mMarketing is a complete end to end solution for the marketing personnel on the go. It helps create personalized customer specific demo based on her profile with rich media marketing collaterals containing up to date product information , it’s features and pricing, applicable discounts, competitor product comparison matrix, campaign details, customer’s past behaviour , purchase propensity, order placing and finally inventory and dispatch status, all integrated together in one application resulting in enhanced customer experience .

Field Representative Features

  • Access rich media collateral on the mobile device
  • Share collateral directly with customers
  • Email collateral from the mobile device
  • Integrate collateral with customer visit details
  • Get updated inventory or other information
  • Instant order placement
  • Automated reporting based on location and visit tracking
  • No time wasted on pre sales preparations

Features for Management

  • Publish collateral for specific users for specific duration
  • Create smart and relevant content instantly
  • Specify publish and removal dates
  • Monitor the use of collateral
  • Monitor visit activity real time
  • Map customer journey
  • Handy for marketing and sales persons on the move

  • Real time campaign management

  • Customized collaterals

  • Instant reporting on visit

  • Faster order placement

  • Improves brand image

  • Customers get personalized campaign

  • mSales
  • mDistribution
  • mDelivery
  • mCollection
  • mVerification
  • mAudit
  • mSupport

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