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The complexities of running an FMCG business are well known. The vast geographic footprint, variety of products handled, magnitude of dealer distributor network and struggling with their legacy, non-compatible and sometimes non-existentIT infrastructure is almost unreal ! The challenges are numerous, starting with arriving at the right distribution mix, efficient inventory management , product availability at each outlet, demand projection at each outlet as well as at an aggregate level, compiling secondary sales data and finally ascertaining operational efficiency and consequently profit margins. Consumer products companies need to do the fine balancing of ensuring that the end consumer gets their products ‘fresh’ while retailer gets the right quantity of products, just in time. Deliver too much and risk product expiry and deliver less/late and risk losing sales.

Mobileforce’ mConsumer enterprise mobility suite of apps integrates selling, marketing and delivery functions of your organisation. Significantly increases sales executiveproductivity by equipping him with dealer/ retailer historical data of sales & returns, their average and peak sales volumes, impact of seasonality, current demand, relevant promotion material, updates including latest promotions campaigns, product discounts and on the spot invoicing. Facilitates inventory and expense tracking and control from loading to delivery point and allows exception handling with an in-built deviation matrix for large distributors and help strengthen relationships.

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