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Healthcare is one of the sectors where the impact of mobility is being felt the most because of the sensitivity and complexity of the service involved. Information transfer and prompt communication is most essential for effective functioning of healthcare providers, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies. Adoption of enterprise mobility solution helps doctors and medical practitioners remotely retrieve patient history, schedule appointments, dynamically alter appointments, set reminders and access vital patient information anytime, anywhere. For patients, it not only helps avoid physical coming over to the hospitals/clinics that is both time and money consuming, apart from being inconvenient, but also allows setting of reminders for medicine intake and SOS calls to doctors in case of an emergency.

With Mobileforce’ mHealth enterprise mobility solution specifically developed to cater to the requirements of healthcare sector, you are always in control of the situation . Requirements of the field doctors, emergency services, onsite medical assistance, reports accessibility, maintaining medical as well as financial records of the patients…..all this and more at the click of a button ! Our technology smoothens out the workflow allowing you to rendersuperior world class services to patients enhancing your brand reputation.

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