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Mobility is the lifeline of the logistics industry. Sheer quantum of shipments moving from origination to destination is mind boggling. Adding to the complexity are various modes of transportation- air, sea and surface. Organisations that have invested in building secure and scalable mobility infrastructure are witnessing a substantial and tangible impact on cost savings, reduced delivery time and above allon-time shipments leading to increased customer loyalty and profitability. Our bouquet of logistics management solutions cover the entire supply chain that includeswarehouse management, shipment pickup,shipment tracking, fleet tracking and shipmentdelivery.

Get ahead of competiotion by adopting Mobileforce’ mLogistics enterprise mobility solution. Automate data capture, delivery processes, fleet management, route scheduling, inventory management and eliminate delays, errors and interruptions. Our comprehensive suite of appscan seamlessly integrate with back end ERP systems providing real time visibility to the supply chain translating into financial and long term strategic benefits.

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