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Pharmaceuticals companies provide great service by manufacturing life saving drugs. However, unlike other industries, the sale of a drug is not dependent on the end consumer i.e; the patient but on Doctors who wield enormous influence in the sales cycle. Hence, the biggestchallenge of the pharmaceutical industry is to reach, engage and ethically ensure physicians’ patronage. For medical representatives (MR), getting access to physicians was always a challenge and the means of sales communication wereprimitive, unsophisticated and hence suboptimal to gether mindshare. According to a study, less than 50% of sales calls result in a face to face meeting with doctors and ironically the MR gets less than 5 minutes to engage a doctor in a meaningful conversation to explain his products and their benefits. In other words, total actual daily productivity of an MR , cumulative of all the doctors met in a day, is less than 30 minutes ! Activities performed by an MR in a typical day are manual, repetitive and needs her to toggle between multiple systems and pen and paper thereby wasting productive time. However, recent innovations in mobile technology, increased data speeds and massive proliferation of affordable smartphones and tablets have come as a panacea for the industry. Physicians are shifting to more convenientchannels for interaction such as the web and mobile.

With Mobileforce’ mPharma Enterprise mobility solution, your sales team is armed with state of the art rich media product brochures, professional presentation clearly highlighting product benefits that helps leave a lasting impression on Doctors and get their patronage. It’s unique features such as route planning, scheduling appointments, on the move stock status, real time DSR filing and visibility to commissionstructures helps representative enhance productivity and consistently achieve sales targets.

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