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Disruptive mobile technologies and product innovations are shaping consumer behaviour like never before. Mobile phones and tablets are fast becoming screens of choice owing to mass scale proliferation of affordable devices. Fast paced consumer adoption of mobility and growing popularity and success of e-commerce players are forcing retailers to embrace mobility to stay relevant. Not just consumer facing apps, retailers are increasingly leveraging enterprise mobility solutions across business functions to increase sales efficiency, reduce warehouse and other administrative costs, render proactive customer support and quick disposal of complaints and maintain quality and compliance. Away from the public eye, enterprises are using mobility to help their trade partners across regions buy and stock fast moving products that has a positive impact on their profitability margins. It also helps keeping production and warehouse costs at optimum levels. The field sales executive or traveling manager or even a complaint engineer is now armed with a device that allows ‘real time’ visibilityto product availability at the warehouse and help cut short the time taken to deliver the product leading to customer delight.

Mobileforce’ mRetail enterprise mobility suite of apps integrates selling, marketing and delivery functions of your organisation. Significantly increases sales executive productivity by equipping him with dealer/ retailer historical data of sales & returns, their average and peak sales volumes, impact of seasonality, current demand, relevant promotion material, updates including latest promotions campaigns, product discounts and on the spot invoicing. Facilitates inventory and expense tracking and control from loading to delivery point and allows exception handling with an in-built deviation matrix for large distributors and help strengthen relationships.

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