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Telecom has been one of the fastest growing sectors in recent times. Advent of disruptive mobile technology, their unimaginable processing capabilities, faster data transmission speed, coupled with mass scale proliferation of affordable smartphone and tablets has completely transformed the communication landscape. Not surprisingly, it has led to significant shift in consumer behaviour and the impact is being felt across industries …. The way Banking is conducted, Media is consumed; Education is delivered to the remotest geographies and Government aid delivered to the underserved. Even the most traditional labour and capital intensive sectors such as Manufacturing sector has not remained untouched from this revolution. While it is the consumer centric initiatives of Telcos and mobile operators that have hogged the limelight so far, it is the enterprise mobility space that is fast gaining traction now. The advantages of automation, especially in the sales/revenue generating functions and even in cost centres such compliance, credit, collections and inventory/ supply chain management are being increasing felt.

Mobileforce ‘ mTeleCom mobile automation tool for Telecom sector enables organisations to create a competitive edge by leveraging exclusively designed applications for both ‘Mobility’ as well as ‘Enterprise’ businesses catering to entire gamut of function areas like sales, distribution, verification, collections, tower maintenance, delivery, audit and customer support . It seamlessly integrates the Sales, Marketing, Credit,Customer Service Delivery (CSD) and Collections functions of an enterprise. It increases sales executive productivity by streamlining Customer Application Form (CAF) movement from retailer point till data entry stage at the Central Processing Agency (CPA). It automates visits planning, scheduling appointments, performance dashboard and eliminates unnecessary and repetitive manual work. Deploying ‘mTeleCom’ substantially reduces the sales cycle time and increases field work force productivity thus reducing the cost of customer acquisition and enhancing customer experience.

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