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Mobile devices have come a long way from simply enabling business emails and data, to incorporating services that change the way business is done. We at Mobileforce have adopted an innovative approach that challenges traditional models and provides customers with unique results.

Mobileforce platform makes use of business process management (BPM) concepts to create a mix of structured workflows, integration and agility helping customers meet their ever evolving business needs. Using these solutions organizations can easily develop workflow-based applications that use Google Apps to the fullest extent.

It is accessible on the web through a browser and is based on a pay-per-use model; the Mobileforce platform is more economical and flexible than on-premise solutions, ensuring a better functionality and returns on investment. It is not just an on-demand infrastructure and an application-based platform but lets the users develop and deploy applications without being concerned about load balancing, backups, availability and other infrastructure related issues.

Complete Data Confidentiality

Mobileforce stores organizational data separately and protects it with several levels of access control thus ensuring data confidentiality. Confidential data is protected without affecting business continuity or changing end user’s behaviors.

Reliability and Security

Mobileforce benefits from the security features of AWS to protect our customers’ data. It is built on the Amazon Web Services Infrastructure, ISO 27001 certified, Level 1 PCI compliant, and has successfully completed multiple SAS70 Type II audits. It meets the HIPAA standards and is also compliant with the European Union regulations on data privacy through the Safe Harbor Policy. Housed in Highly secure data centers around the world, the AWS facilities are fully secured against any unauthorized access.

Secure Channel

128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) secures the communication between user browser and Mobileforce platform. Authorization and authentication are a must for all connections. IP address and other session details are recorded every time a user connects to the platform.

Browser Compatibility

Mobileforce is compatible with all the recent versions of major Web browsers for Mac and PC. Applications are compatible with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad browsers.For developing applications on our platform all you need to have is a recent browser and Flash Player.

Mobileforce deploys most compatible tools for design, integration, and implementation of processes and workflow applications. This guarantees much quicker and better results than other developed or packaged software.

Workflow Engine

Workflow Engine enables users to configure workflows for automating any process. No code changes are required on the mobile application to automate a new process unless that needs additional capabilities. Minimal code changes are required on the server side for data interpretation and data processing.

Works on Online and Offline Modes

Since connectivity is not available at all field areas, it is important for the Field Executive/Technician to access the task list and update the task status in offline mode as well. The data then would be synced with the server once the device comes online. Our app uses SQL Lite database in order to store all the data including tasks, responses, photos, etc. A background thread sends all the pending data to server seamlessly once the connectivity is available. Field Executive/Technician can see the number of data packets (Tasks or other data items) that are stored offline to be taken care of when connected.

Blue Tooth Printing

Field Executives/Technicians will be able to print receipts or bills using a blue tooth printer that they can attach to their belt. This helps in automating the processes like payment collection, bill delivery etc.

Card Payment Acceptance

Field executives/sales team will be able to accept card payments through card swapping machine connected to the app through blue tooth. The receipt can also be printed on the spot, using the same blue tooth device. Typically blue tooth devices come with printer and card swapping slot for smart and plastic cards.

QR Code and Bar Code Scanning

Typical solutions available in the market for Sales & Distribution do not track sales to the retailer level. By enabling retailers with QR or BAR Code scanners, the whole chain will be closed and the organization will be able to take better decisions based on the data about the movement of the goods among different channels and the retailer sales of the goods. Warehouses, distribution and retail points can be empowered using such mobile devices.

App Auto Upgrade

Any changes in the app will be downloaded and installed on the mobile seamlessly. The administrator can configure who (all or certain users) can avail the upgraded app. This helps the IT/Operations Managers to roll out process changes by geographies or through pilot.

Device Tracking

IT/Operations Manager will be able to monitor the field executives for the type of devices they are using, the version of the app, the location from which they are accessing etc. The Managers or Supervisors will also be able to block a device allowing no more access the server. A device can be locked (paired) to a user manually or automatically so that other users cannot access this device (security).

Messaging System

Field executives will be able to inter communicate without additional call or text costs. Back office team will also be able to communicate and send notifications to the field team. System notifications like ‘New Version availability’ can also be notified through this messaging platform.

Monitoring Tools

Monitoring Tools help in improving the operational efficiency of field operations and improve the SLA, field executive performance reports, field executive route map etc.

Mapping of Field Locations Based on Central Location Database

In sales and customer support the mapping would help the sales or the support team if the customer location can be mapped to the nearest outlet or a service center. This is done using a centralized database of Geo Locations and the distance calculation of customer location from these locations.

These benefits of Mobility can be adopted in process that are Business to Employee (B2E) and Business to Consumer (B2C) with equal ease. The impact areas for B2E processes come due to Greater Employee Productivity, Streamlining of Internal Processes, seamless Communication between employees and Reduced Cost of serving a Customer.

  • Productive Employees

    Real time data availability and Less paperwork improves Productivity

  • Streamlined internal processes

    Data submission, Retrival and Response becomes easier uniform across employee layers

  • Reduced cost of Service

    Better Coordination among teams reduces the time and cost of Response

  • Increased share of wallet

    Ability to cross sell and upsell becomes easy across departments

  • Increased Sales

    better coordinated Marketing and sales teams deliver better sales

  • Customer Retention

    Faster service and Support results in repeat and loyal customers.

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